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Am back and feeling lucky!

Hello people! I am officially back!
Okay, here’s a quick recap of why I was gone in the first place: Those people who know me would know that I was in tenth grade. And at the end of which, had one of the “supposedly most important exam of my academic life ugh” or, as they call it, the Board exams. I still don’t get why it’s such a big deal.
Because of which I had to abandon my writing work for an unforgivably long time, three months to be precise.
But that’s done with now, and that’s past us, phew, and here I am, back to work.
As for feeling lucky….
I stated that I just gave my board exams, they ended on March 18. As it happens, on the very evening of March 18, CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), also, my current educational board announced the postponement of the remaining board exams because of the hiking numbers of the corona virus cases in our country.
And, it’s been more than ten days and I still feel lucky for having finished my exams on the very day of the announce…
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My Avatar

This post is a task of the Student Blogging Challenge Week 1.

So that’s my avatar, accurately representing me in real life. I’m a little of a formal person than a casual one, even among friends, which explains the collar. It’s just me. The side turn, that’s how I like to keep my hair most of the time. And my glasses, they’re one inseparable part of me. Not by choice though. But they’re the one thing I’ve had on me since first grade and have now become so much a necessity that a thought of me without the glasses is kind of unimaginable.

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It's World Poetry Day Once Again!

Yes! March 21st is World Poetry Day.

Before we get much ahead with the topic, I'd like to mention that I'm actually back (yay) and yes it's been a really long time since I posted last but I hope to be as consistent as is possible
Me in the back of my mind, Let's see how it goes. 

Okay, so! World Poetry Day! Did I really remember it was today? Of course I didn't. If you really know me, you'd know I'm not really somebody who remember special days. I just can't.
But whoopsie, that's besides the point.

I realized today was World Poetry Day while going through my blog's last year's posts and there it was, On the occasion of World Poetry Day.

This time however, the only poem I've written recently happens to be an incomplete one. So, I'll present to you a poem I wrote last year but a piece of writing I'm very proud of.

Here goes....

Title:  Because you were happy, and because I was not.

Don't show me the peak if I can't get ther…


So, in my last post, I talked about the fact that I was considering nanowrimo this November. And, I’m in for it!!!
Yeah, this November is going to be awesome!
Here’s a little background about the story I’ll be writing.
Genre: Fantasy
Title: Zivel and the Sixth Element.
Author: Mahikaa (duh.)
This story was the first one I ever thought of, but never wrote. Its initial idea came to me in April 2017 and it’s been in the works since then. I’ve got loads and loads of beginnings for this story, so many scrapped, a lot of back-ups, but till date, I haven’t plotted or finished its first draft…
That makes it more important to be written as soon as possible right?
Here’s a plot summary I uploaded on the Nanowrimo website a few days back. But fair warning, my story is currently in its plotting stages, so I’d say, at this moment, everything is subject to change. Here goes:
A lot of the past hasn't been said. Does that mean it hasn't happened?
"Zivel had been lost into the mortal worl…

Thoughts On Taking Up Nanowrimo in 2019

Nanowrimo. Now, I realise that most of my blog audience probably has no clue what it means. If somebody does, it’s probably because I told them and they thought it was a crazy idea. But then again, what is it?
Nanowrimo is short for National novel writing month. Every year, writers from all around the world participate and attempt to write 50,000 words in 30 days. It happens annually and spans the entire month of November.
Yes! It’s possible, many people have done it and I want to do it too.
Before you begin preparing a speech for me, advising me to study this year and reminding me that I’ve got another round of 80 mark exams in the end of November, read what follows.
Yes, I know, tenth grade, I have to study, etcetera, and reminding me has got no point because I know. We're being hammered so that the message to study seriously is ingrained in our minds permanently. 
I realise the importance of prioritising studying and I’ve been doing so. But, its about writing, a program …

On Where We Stand

Nope, this isn’t about where we stand in the society, as an individual, our position in the world, no, none of that. This is about where we stand as a species. About where the collective mankind stands in this world. And probably even beyond.
Here’s one thing before we begin. When I say humanity, I am not referring to the humanly nature in us. Instead, I’m referring to the humankind as a whole.
We currently stand in a position where we seem to have the world figured out. Not just that, we know and shape how it works by our actions.
Humanity has been around for so long that we’ve even dated back to our origin. How the living came into existence, how it’s been so far, how the world works. What our needs are, what our potential is, what our challenges are. Where we stand in the world of the living, in the universe, explorations to the beyond.
So many spheres, all conquered by mankind.
All along in or journey to figure out the world so far, our minds and observations made by it have s…

The Maze Runner - Book Review

***** Spoiler Alert ***** Synopsis: If you ain’t scared, you ain’t human.
When Thomas wakes up in the lift, the only thing he can remember is his name. He’s surrounded by strangers—boys whose memories are also gone.
Outside the towering stone walls that surround the Glade is a limitless, ever-changing maze. It’s the only way out—and no one’s ever made it through alive.
Everything is going to change.
Then a girl arrives. The first girl ever. And the message she delivers is terrifying.
Remember. Survive. Run.

Spoiler Alert, once again, because if you plan on reading the books, you wouldn’t want the plot revealed. And, much of it won’t make much sense either. Rest is your call. I’m not sure if I’d call it a review but it’s a fair representation of the thoughts that popped up after I finished the book today.
Okay, okay, okay, fast breathing. It’s the first (or maybe the second) page-turner book I’ve read and those are the thriller feels it gave me all through the while.
I had the libra…